There’s Really No Love Advent Video Sexier Than Gigi Hadid’s

Image Source: Love Magazine
While Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid stripped down and led us in a workout, models like Karlie Kloss and Elsa Hosk made their shorts all about the lingerie. But no one’s bra and panties were more striking than Gigi Hadid’s — she pranced around a hotel room at The Standard in mesh skivvies that’d make anyone want to dance. Though we’re not completely sure what spurred the idea behind all the clips below, they’re definitely worth a glimpse as you count down to 2017. Scroll to watch what’s been released so far, then see the original teaser reel for 2016’s smoking-hot videos.

Source: The Love Magazine 2016 Advent Calendar

Someone Gave The Animals In Planet Earth II Human Screams And It’s Hilarious 

Life is intense in the animal kingdom. A lot of creatures spend a fair amount of time running or fighting for their lives. It’s all about survival. Sometimes it makes you want to scream.

And what if those screams were human screams? Well, those animal calls would probably be somewhat less effective than what thousands of years of evolution had to offer, but on the other hand, they’d also be pretty hilarious. Case in point: Somebody gave the animals in Planet Earth II human screams and we’re all crying tears of laughter.




Source: Someone Gave The Animals In Planet Earth II Human Screams And It’s Hilarious