Lady Gaga Wore This Election-Inspired Outfit – Lady Gaga Wears Voting Outfit in Tokyo

Lady Gaga making statements with her style is nothing new. Getting political through fashion is also nothing new for the pop singer (remember her iconic meat dress from the 2010 VMAs?). But this might be the most literal political statement she has ever made through fashion. Behold, Lady Gaga’s voting-inspired look:

Gaga was spotted wearing this bold dress at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo this morning.

Not that this is a dress you wear to blend in.

The whole ensemble gives us major suffragette vibes, complete with poofy sleeves and a feather in the hat. And a proud “VOTE” button, of course, just to make sure the message is coming through loud and clear.

And the back is pure Gaga, complete with an unused corset as a train.

This is probably the most Gaga way possible of getting out the vote.

Source: Lady Gaga Wore This Election-Inspired Outfit – Lady Gaga Wears Voting Outfit in Tokyo

Neil deGrasse Tyson describes the world 500 years into the future 




Using the Age of Exploration as a basis, Neil deGrasse Tyson takes a close look at what life on Earth could look like in another 500 years. Spoiler Alert: It’s going to get crowded. But he’s got some solutions if we take action today.

Source: Neil deGrasse Tyson describes the world 500 years into the future 

Scientists pinpoint when a woman’s sex drive declines

(NEWSER) – Sex is important to most middle-aged women, a fact established by a new study in the journal Menopause, which found that 75% of 1,390 middle-aged women reported sexual functioning to be moderately to extremely important. But roughly 20 months before menopause hit, these women reported a “notable decline in sexual function”; that decline continued for a full year after their final period and then persisted at a more gradual rate over the next five years, reports Psych Central. The same turned out to be true for women following (but not leading up to) a hysterectomy. “There has been much debate” on the topic of decline due to menopause and aging, the study’s lead author says. “Our findings support that menopause has a negative effect.”

It’s worth noting that the study relies on self-reporting, but the researchers say they found that race/ethnicity appears to play a role. Compared to white women, African-American women noted a significantly smaller decline, while women of Japanese descent noted a much greater decline. “This study highlights the need for health-care providers to have open conversations with their patients about their sexual issues, because there are many options for women to help maintain or improve their sexual lives as they transition to and beyond menopause,” one expert tells HealthDay. Common issues known to accompany menopause, such as vaginal dryness, depression, and anxiety, didn’t explain the impact on drive, the researchers say. (Is menopause reversible?)

Source: Scientists pinpoint when a woman’s sex drive declines

13 Questions That Will Change Your Life 


When things aren’t going quite the way you’d like them to, it’s often the result of not asking yourself the right questions. Some questions are hard to confront because you’re afraid you won’t get the answer you want, others because you really don’t want to know the answer.

But the best things in life don’t come easily, and turning away from life’s toughest questions is a sure path to mediocrity. I believe that Socrates said it best:

“The unexamined life isn’t worth living.”

Socrates’ observation also applies to business. When Eric Schmidt was CEO of Google, he famously said, “We run this company on questions, not answers.”

Life, like business, runs on questions, not answers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tough questions we should be asking ourselves regularly.

1. How do people see me differently than I see myself?

Have you ever heard a recording of your voice and thought, “Is that what I really sound like?” Because of the way the sound of the voice travels through the human skull, we never hear ourselves the same way that everybody else hears us. The same is often true for the way we behave. We interpret our behavior in terms of how we think we come across, whereas everyone else sees the real thing. A 360° assessment is a great way to gain this perspective. It gathers feedback that is constructive, anonymous, and accurate. If you forego the 360 and solicit feedback in person, make certain you ask for feedback that is specific, avoiding broad questions and generalizations. For example, you’re more likely to get an honest and accurate answer to, “How well did I handle myself in the meeting when everyone disagreed with me?” than to, “Am I a good boss?” And be careful to show that you’re receptive to the feedback. If you flip out or get defensive every time somebody speaks their mind, due to a lack of emotional intelligence, they’re going to stop doing it.

2. What/whom did I make better today?

That’s another way of saying, “Leave things better than you found them.” Ending each day by asking yourself what or whom you made better is a great way to keep yourself grounded and focused on what really matters.

3. Am I being true to my values?

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that something is a little off in your life? This often happens when little behaviors creep up on you that violate your values. If spending quality time with your family is one of your primary values, but you keep staying late at work, there’s a conflict. If you want that nagging little voice to go away, you’re going to have to do something about it.

4. If I achieved all of my goals, how would I feel? What can I do to feel that way as I work to achieve them?

The ability to delay gratification in pursuit of your goals is one of the most fundamental prerequisites for success, but delaying gratification doesn’t have to mean being miserable until you cross that finish line. You can achieve more—and have more fun doing it—if you let yourself feel some of that pride and pleasure along the way.

5. What haven’t I taken the time to learn about?

It’s a big world out there, and it’s getting bigger all the time. Scientists have theorized that it once took 1,500 years for the accumulated knowledge in the world to double; now it only takes a year or two. Don’t get caught behind.

6. In what areas of my life am I settling?

When you settle, you accept less than you’re capable of. Sometimes we settle in dead-end jobs. Other times we settle for unhealthy relationships. If you don’t ask yourself where and why you’re settling, it’s hard to stop it.

7. What do I want my life to be like in five years?

Lewis Carroll once said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.” The corollary is that, once you have your destination in mind, you can plan your route. Five years is the perfect timeframe: It’s not so far in the future that you can’t imagine yourself there, but it’s not so close that you can’t do anything about it.

8. What would I do if I wasn’t scared?

From a survival perspective, fear has its purpose. It’s what keeps us from sticking our hand in the washing machine or any of the million other things that could get us hurt or killed. But fear has a tendency to get carried away. Instead of keeping you safe, it keeps you from improving your life and living your dreams.

9. Who has qualities that I aspire to develop?

When people have qualities that you admire, it’s a great exercise to reflect on these qualities and think about ways that you can incorporate them into your repertoire.

10. What problem are we solving?

Have you ever been in a meeting and suddenly realized that not everyone was having the same conversation? Not because people were talking over each other, but because they had different ideas about the purpose of the discussion. Sometimes it helps to put the topic on the whiteboard when you’re having a meeting. This makes certain everyone knows why they’re there.

11. What’s stopping me from doing the things that I should be doing?

It’s easy to shrug your shoulders and say, “I don’t know what to do,” but that’s just an excuse. Most of the time, we know exactly what we should be doing; we just aren’t willing to move the obstacles out of the way.

12. Will you be my mentor?

It’s an intimidating question to ask, but few people will turn you down. Everyone likes being looked up to, and it feels good to share our knowledge with others.

13. What’s the most important lesson I’ve learned so far in life? Am I living that lesson?

Sometimes life lulls us back into complacency and we’re forced to learn a powerful lesson twice. The trouble with this is that it’s just as much of a rude awakening the second time around.

Bringing It All Together

Asking the hard questions can be extremely uncomfortable. But we don’t learn and grow by sticking with what’s comfortable.

What other questions should people be asking? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

Source: 13 Questions That Will Change Your Life 

The Hidden Sign You’re Being Lied To


If you’re trying to figure out if your friend was truly sick–or just fibbing–when she canceled dinner plans at the last minute, see if she answers your questions with questions. Responding that way is a tell, says Daniel Levitin, PhD, a professor of psychology and behavioral neuroscience at McGill University and the author of the book, A Field Guide to Lies. Think “Why are you asking me that?” or “Why would I lie?”–questions meant to make you second-guess yourself and, hopefully, back off.

If she gets worked up when you start digging a little bit deeper, cue the double alarm bells in your head. Reacting emotionally to innocuous questions is another sign that someone might be lying, says Levitin. The last, fairly no-duh giveaway: they’ve told you the same story a couple of times, but certain details have changed or something doesn’t quite hang together. It may look something like this: Your yogurt has gone missing from the office fridge. You know that Ted is also a yogurt fan, and you’re pretty sure you saw him eating some about an hour ago. You (politely) ask Ted if he took your yogurt, maybe by mistake. Instead of calmly telling you that no, he didn’t take it, as any innocent person would, he replies, “Why would I take your yogurt? I don’t even eat yogurt!” Inconsistent with that you know about Ted and overly dramatic? Check and check. All signs point to Ted being, ahem, a yogurt “borrower.”

“People think lying is all about shifting the eyes or fidgeting, but those aren’t the signs to look for,” says Levitin. (Some research actually suggests that people move around less when they’re lying, says Levitin, possibly because they’re so worried their body language will give them away that they overcompensate.)

Since Levitin studies lies for a living, we also wanted to know: Is he amazingly adept at spotting them? Not necessarily, he says, but he has gotten noticeably better at catching some fibs in certain situations. Case in point: students at exam time. “There’s research showing that the incidence of grandparents’ supposedly dying rises around finals at universities,” he says. (It’s true–a researcher from Eastern Connecticut State University found that grandmothers are 10 times more likely to “die” before their grandchild’s midterm and 19 times more likely before a final. Sorry, grannies.) When one student tried to use her grandmother’s demise to get out of a final, Levitin asked for the doctor’s contact information to confirm. Turns out, the doc said Granny was alive and well. Which brings up another good point: Often, the person who’s lying doesn’t expect you to actually follow up on what they’ve told you.

Of course, when the stakes are higher than a canceled dinner, a stolen snack or a missed exam, like a partner who’s not being truthful about how they spend their time or someone you’ve hired is possibly embezzling, you will need to approach the situation a little more delicately, making sure you have some evidence before you make accusations. But the signs are the same: Things don’t add up and the person doesn’t react calmly or rationally when you ask them questions. That’s your cue to investigate a little more. They could very well be telling the truth. (After all, most of us have fouled up expense reports and few of us are involved in grand larceny.) But if they’re not being honest, their story should start to unravel pretty quickly.

Source: The Hidden Sign You’re Being Lied To

November 2016 Love Scopes – November 2016 Horoscopes on Love

Mars represents your style of going about getting what you want in life, your work drive, sex drive, energy and stamina. Mars has been in the earthy, and very driven sign of Capricorn since Sept. 27th and will be there till Dec. 19thso stamina has been high and this may be a time of accomplishing quite a lot in the office and in the boudoir as well. Mars in Cap is the ultimate ‘work hard, play hard’ of the zodiac. So we Mars will say ‘later’ to Capricorn as he enters the futuristic air sign of Aquarius on Nov. 9th and will remain there for two months. This will be an era where new and non-traditional solutions will win out from the old standards. Like your company may finally replace the archaic project management software it’s been using since the 90’s. And you can pitch your groundbreaking, market-disrupting, totally mind-bending idea without blinking and see hungry eyes begging for your biz card. When Mars is in Aquarius, people will naturally favor the new & innovative, over the old standards so be daring and unapologetically you. This goes for your relationship too. Explore new types of sensual and sexual communication with your partner as Aquarius inspires a journey of experimentation. The best part about Mars in Aquarius is that it really opens up the communication lines to anything that is experimental and new.

Venus, the planet of love and money, rules the things you are naturally attracted to in life – what you like versus what repels you. Our Goddess Venus has been in fiery, active, and adventurous Sagittarius since Oct. 18thand she will remain there until Nov. 12th. This is a festive and celebratory time so if you are in love or looking for it. Your best luck with love will be in attending cultural events, go to festivities, and travel. Venus loves to adventure in Sagittarius so it’s an ideal time to explore new events alone if single and introduce your partner to your friends at festivities if you’re attached. Love takes on a fun, and adventurous quality as Venus moves through Sadge. Though on November 12th, Venus will enter serious Capricorn, and this begins a time when you may begin to ask the serious and practical questions about your relationship. If it has been all fun and games or if there are missing links or perhaps a lack of commitment, this is when the heaviness of Capricorn will address all of the above and this can either seal your relationship into a commitment or else it may fall apart under the stark realism and pragmatism of Capricorn. Either way, we must welcome in the new love language because as Venus and Mars change signs, it means that your relations are ready to grow, develop and strengthen.

Astrology is the language of energy and when our passion planets change sign, so does the love language.


You will meet love out there in the world this month; perhaps traveling, at a cultural event or even on the job as Venus crowns at the top of your chart. Committed? Explore a new art exhibit or take a weekend away to an exotic island – sparks will fly


November is about commitment for you as a New Moon in your partnership sector opens the door for a deeper level of connection. This may also be the start of a new business partnership. By the Full Moon in Taurus on Nov. 14, you will get total clarity as a friend offers you stellar insight on this commitment.


Passions will run high as both Venus and Mars will spend time in the area of your chart ruling sexuality and deeper levels of intimacy. Carve out more time for hot date nights and exotic evenings. Perhaps you both discuss a joint investment and involvements that bring you closer – November 11th will be ideal for this.


The New Moon at the start of November will light up your romance sector and hands down – this is one of your best months of the year for finding love! In love? Spice things up with a weekend away. Fertility will also be an all-time high so, of course be careful if that is not what you desire.


The first half of November Venus is in your romance sector so you may be feeling quite magnetic these days. In the 2nd half of November, Mars enters your sector of committed relationships and this could be a make or break signature. In other words, a conflict can get blown out of proportion or passions will run very high. You choose though any challenges will be brought to the surface.


It’s a big networking month for you so schedule quality time may be the challenge right now. Venus the planet of love will move into the fellow earth sign of Capricorn on Nov. 12 and this will make you feel more comfortable and safe in the relationship as tokens of affection and commitment will be exchanged. Single? 2nd half of Nov. is your time to mingle


Ah the land of Plenty. Jupiter is in Libra which may mean there is quite a lot of opportunity in all areas of your life. Money seems to be on the rise so stay with that negotiation. Mars will turn up the heat. A lot. In your sector of true love after November 12th and it will stay on till mid-January so it appears you will enjoy a cozy fall & winter.


November 14th will bring a full moon in your sector of partnership which will a likely positive culmination to a growing relationship – this could mean exclusivity, engagement, marriage, or else perhaps the choice to part ways. Either way, this is a fortuitous time to take it to the next level. This also may relate to a business agreement.


Venus, the planet of love, beauty and harmony will be in Sagittarius until Nov. 12, giving you an extra boost to your skin, hair overall appearance and powers of attraction. Also as Venus graces through your sign, it will be an ideal time to purchase jewelry, clothing, a new haircut or facial. Enjoy your time with Venus and luxuriate in her presence. Mars will also be in a sector of money showing that this is a month to spend and indulge on yourself a bit. You’ve had task-master Saturn in your sign for so long, so take this well-deserved time for beauty and spa.


Mars will be in your sign until Nov. 9th, giving an extra boost to your energy level, personal magnetism and vibrancy. And then a few days after Venus will enter Capricorn delivering you with a look-good and feel-good month ahead. Because both passion planets will be in your sign this month, the laws of attraction will be delivering fast to you, so be wise in asking for what you desire. You just may get it in spades.


It’s a huge career month for you as you may be finally recognizing and consolidating your passions into a business or else perhaps you are ready for promotion or a well-deserved advancement. That said, let you lover know what’s up in advance because you may be quite pre-occupied. Mars enters Aquarius on Nov. 9th, giving you so much energy to beat your records at the gym, at the office and also extra energy in the bedroom. Powerful Mars will be with you until Dec. 19 so direct your energy with intention.


Looking for love? Well your social sector is on fire right now with both passion planets dancing through so you will have your best luck attending social events and galas with friends and stay open to new introductions and party invitations where you will know no one there. Committed? It’s time to take your relationship out of the confines of your pad and connect to the warmth and laughter of your community.

Source: November 2016 Love Scopes – November 2016 Horoscopes on Love

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 1995 – The First VS Fashion Show in 1995

Today we’ve come to know the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show as the sexiest and most extravagant runway show on the planet—attracting the biggest names in modeling to their runway like Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen, Miranda Kerr and Kendall Jenner. But the fashion show came from slightly more humble beginnings, starting in 1995 at the New York Plaza Hotel, as you can see below.

Don’t worry, we already know all the thoughts that are racing through your mind: where are the angel wings? Where’s the musical performances? Where’s the sequins and glitter? The models didn’t even wink or blow kisses at the camera?

Yes, it’s true—all the things that have now become synonymous with the brand and their fashion show, which truly sets them apart from any other runway show, simply did not exist 21 years ago.

The models actually modeled clothes from the catalog, like robes, and sometimes carried handbags with their lingerie looks down the catwalk.

Backstage also seemed a lot less glam—Frederique van der Wal sat around drinking coffee with rollers in her hair? Where are the silk robes? Where were all the hair extensions? At least there was still champagne though.

We don’t want to live in a world without Angel wings either, so now you can relive all the sparkly glory from last year’s 20th anniversary show below.

Source: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 1995 – The First VS Fashion Show in 1995

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