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Balenciaga Now Sells A $2,145 Version Of Ikea’s $0.99 Blue Bag 

.By Elyse Wanshel

Balenciaga has come out with a designer bag that will look strikingly familiar to anyone who has ever been to Ikea.

That’s because the couture brand’s new $2,145 Arena Extra-Large Shopper Tote Bag looks almost exactly like Ikea’s $0.99 blue plastic bags.

Both are electric blue, have a similar construction and are big enough to comfortably carry a four-pack of wine glasses that will break in a month, 50 packages of Swedish Fish and two weeks worth of sweat-drenched gym clothes.

The biggest difference between the two bags is that Ikea’s crinkly “Frakta” bag is made of recyclable plastic while Balenciaga’s consists of “glazed leather.” Oh, and that one costs $2,144 more than the other.

“We are deeply flattered that the Balenciaga tote bag resembles the Ikea iconic sustainable blue bag for 99 cents. Nothing beats the versatility of a great big blue bag!” a spokesperson for Ikea told Today.

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Coachella Fashion 2017 

Image Source: Getty
From the festival grounds to the poolside parties and interactive tents, Coachella weekend one was packed with stylish attendees. The annual three-day concert in Palm Springs kicked off with dinners and brunches hosted by POPSUGAR and the CFDA, along with Revolve and Jeremy Scott. Later, everyone made it out to the concerts in boho-infused outfits you have to see. Ahead, check out what everyone wore, then zoom in on their beauty looks.

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Behold, The Most Coachella Outfits At Coachella

If your social media feed was miraculously free of music festival snaps this weekend, we feel it is our duty to inform you that Coachella kicked off in Indio, California on Friday.

Fashion at the annual crop top-tastic gathering has become more of a parody of itself with every passing year. The desert festival featured a slew of major performances, but our feeds are populated mostly by a sea of bikini tops and fishtail braids.

This year, we learned that flower crowns still have a place in the hearts of street style hopefuls, along with coordinating sets, teeny-tiny shorts and SO. MUCH. GLITTER.

Check out our picks for the most Coachella outfits at Coachella below.

    • Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
      Space cowgirl, reporting for duty.
    • Matt Cowan via Getty Images
      The coordinating set trend isn’t going anywhere, apparently.
    • Matt Cowan via Getty Images
      What, you don’t wear boots with your bathing suits?
    • Christian Vierig via Getty Images
      The teeny, tiny shorts brigade.
    • Matt Cowan via Getty Images
      This look is a trip.
    • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
      They’ve got the whole world, on their heads.
  • Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
    And you thought flower crowns were over.
  • Emma McIntyre via Getty Images
    It’s so hot at Coachella this woman’s outfit went up in flames.
  • Matt Cowan via Getty Images
    All of the things at once.
  • Christian Vierig via Getty Images
    Yellow *is* in for spring.
  • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
    Lip service.
  • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
    If it’s not see-through, it’s not Coachella.
  • Matt Cowan via Getty Images
  • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
    Nickelodeon’s graphics team from the ‘90s lent these two their looks.
  • Christian Vierig via Getty Images
    This is the epitome of Coachella fashon right here, folks.
  • Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
    Wigging out.
  • Matt Winkelmeyer via Getty Images
    Red overalls do make the best selfies, don’t they?
  • Rich Polk via Getty Images
    Cut offs, florals and and crop tops: It’s a Coachella trifecta.
  • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
    Eye see a lot happening here.
  • Katie Stratton via Getty Images
    Very on theme, boys.

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Fashion Trends That Were Big in 1997 

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz
The cycle of a trend is sort of a funny one: first something’s really in, then it’s really out, then it makes a triumphant return, cooler, modernized, and ready to be worn again. That’s kind of what happened when it came to ’90s staples. A few years ago, rocking a tracksuit out and about might have been perceived as outdated and lazy. Now? It’s near impossible to find an It girl who doesn’t have one in her closet.

We’ve recently discovered an easy hack for predicting the hottest styles, and it has to do with going back in time rather than looking forward. Read on for some 1997 styles you’ll likely see everywhere in 2017. If you could just promise to stay away from that frosted white lip gloss, we’ll be forever grateful.

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‘Feather Brows’ Are Here And The Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings


Feather eyebrows are not a flight of fancy.

They are a real thing, created by real teens living in the real country of Finland.

Stella Sironen, a 19-year-old makeup artist and her friend, Leevi Ikäheimo, came up with the idea by accident one lazy Sunday while Ikäheimo was brushing out Sironen’s eyebrows.

“Suddenly he busted out laughing,” Sironen told the Huffington Post.

Curious, Sironen took a gander at herself on her phone’s camera and totally got it.

“He had made a middle part on my brows … and we just laughed about it for the rest of the night.”

Sironen thought the look was so funny, that the next day she took a glue stick to her brows and decided to part them again. She paired the feathered follicles with some eye-catching blue mascara and posted a picture of the creation to Instagram.

The post soon went viral, receiving over 45,000 likes and the hashtag #featherbrows was born. The bold brow also ended up being pretty polarizing, tearing the online beauty community into two firm camps: Team YAS I Shall Recreate This Look and Team Ick, No Those Are The Stuff Of Nightmares.

Opinions were expressed on Instagram and Twitter.

Why would one do that?
Like seriously…Why?
It’s so…Why wud one do such a bizzare thing?

Feather eyebrows look like the eyebrow equivalent of 1990s middle-partings. 

Photo published for Eyebrows That Look Like Actual Feathers Are the Latest Polarizing Trend on Instagram

Eyebrows That Look Like Actual Feathers Are the Latest Polarizing Trend on Instagram

If it doesn’t cause a fight in the comments section, is it even a trend?

As for Sironen, she is surprised by the response, especially since she posted her photo in jest. She even posted a second photo of the look and in the caption explained that the initial photo was a joke.

Yet, regardless of her post’s nature, she doesn’t really get the uproar about eyebrows.

“It’s strange that there is eye art, lip art and many other forms of creative makeup but brows have remained untouchable for years,” Sironen told HuffPost. “We’ve seen crazy eyebrows on fashion editorials and runways forever. I truly hope that this inspired makeup artists to explore brow art and experiment more!”

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Cheeky Jeans Cost $1,700 To Reveal Your Bare Bum 

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of pants to show off your entire bum, this design house has just the jeans for you.

Vetements, a haute-streetwear collective, recently introduced a less-than-practical line of jeans from a collaboration with Levi’s. Available in a few different styles ― including corduroy― the pants are a patchwork of different shades and uncomfortably placed zippers.

The zippers actually work, which means you (or someone else) can unzip the pants, revealing whatever you do or don’t have on underneath. You’d think for the outrageous $1,715 price tag, one could expect some more coverage. (And it’s even steeper for a corduroy version, pricing in at $1,985.)

ButtVete-a-minute ― if pants without bottoms aren’t quite your thing, why not just buy assless chaps? A pair available at Walmart will only set you back around $70.

The pants are sold out at Nordstrom, but if you’re still in the market, Net-A-Porter still has some of the zip-detailed high-rise jeans (and the corduroy version!) left:



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Thanks, But No Spanx… 

***PREFACE: If you’re a skinny woman who wears Spanx, you will not understand the majority of this article. Also, if you’re a skinny woman, why on God’s green earth are you wearing Spanx?


I’ve long been an advocate for wearing Spanx, and I personally own several pairs. I even went so far as to thank Sara Blakely (Spanx creator) for her shape-shifting voodoo magic in my first book, #FeelFreeToLaugh. And honestly, Spanx products areridiculously effective. In the words of American Housewife’s Katie Mixon, if you wear them right they “turn gut into boob.” I mean, how ingenious is that? Finally, someone found a way to make use of middle-aged moms’ gelatinous midsections.

That said, I’d like to publicly declare to the world that this middle-aged mom and her gelatinous midsection are officially giving up Spanx. No, not just for Lent — for good.

I just can’t do it anymore, ladies. Can. Not. Do. It. I don’t care how well they take me from Mama June to Heidi Klum, I cannot bind my body up in that state-of-the-art, NASA-grade spandex any longer.

I went to put on my nude-colored-unitard Spanx this morning, and my body rebelled. Every part of me resisted. “No more bondage!” screamed every fiber of my being.

Spanx are a prison for our torsos. Squirming and hoisting our way into them is akin to trying to stuff ground sausage back into its casing (spoiler alert: it’s a tight squeeze). As much as Spanx spokespeople might claim otherwise, and in the words of the Queen Bey and her Destiny’s Child sidekicks, I often find myself muttering “I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly” as I attempt to climb into a garment that looks like it was made for my five-year-old. So much stuffing and lifting is required in order to get things properly situated that by the time I’m finally locked and loaded, I’m also usually profusely sweating, which is super attractive. Not.

I’m tired of having to exercise top-notch bladder control, ‘cuz we all know that once the Spanx are in place we do NOT want to have to navigate a bathroom situation. Yes, some are made with split crotches to make restroom visits “easier,” but I know we can all agree that those openings are utterly useless. USELESS, I TELL YOU! No matter what happens, do not trust the Spanx pee hole. Or, more accurately, do not trust the female anatomy. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and if you attempt to make use of said crotch split, a disaster WILL assuredly happen (I *might* be speaking from experience here).

If you do decide to wear Spanx, I must say this: once the they are in place (you’ll know when they’re just right because you won’t be able to bend or breathe or feel any happiness), do take a moment to stare at yourself in the mirror. Take in your incredible (completely fake) figure. Your abs (again, a mirage) will be so tight you could bounce a dime off of them. Just be sure not to walk too much or the Spanx will ride up your thighs and cut off your circulation and leave you with a VSL (for you old school peeps, that stands for visible Spanx line, and ain’t nobody wanna see that).

You know Spanx are the worst because the feeling you get when you finally peel them off is the best!It’s like opening a can of Pillsbury biscuits. After you peel back the paper, you tap the can on the edge of the counter gently until…POP! Freedom. If it feels so good to get out of them, why are we subjecting ourselves to these torture chambers in the first place?

Basically, if you want to spend your time in a spandex prison, unable to pee, bend, walk, breathe, or enjoy life, by all means wear your Spanx. As for me, I’m officially d-o-n-e. I’d rather sport my pooch and back fat and love handles, all the while loving my life and not dying a slow death from the misery of it all. People can love how I look or hate it. They can stare at my lumpy self and silently wish they could educate me on the benefits of Spanx. People can think what they will, it’s truly okay with me.

Meanwhile, I’ll be the one who is smiling a real smile and loving life in all of my lumpy glory, simply saying, “Thanks, but no Spanx.”

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