Beyonce’s Best Outfits

When we think of Beyoncé’s style, we think of everything from leggy little minidresses she’s worn to perform to sheer dramatic dresses that have swept the red carpet. That’s because Queen Bey will try everything once, and then again if it works — and given her fierce confidence, bold taste, and toned figure, it usually does. That’s what makes Beyoncé a style icon in her own right — and the 2016 recipient of the CFDA fashion icon award.

We can name so many of the singer’s flawless fashion moments off the top of our heads, and they include everything from gowns with dramatic trains to mosaic-embellished over-the-knee boots and sequined suits. As tough as it was, we’ve narrowed down our list to the top 10 outfits she wore that made the world swoon. Check them out before she headlines Coachella this coming Spring.

Via: Beyonce’s Best Outfits 

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