Jasmine Sanders’s Bulgari Campaign

“The most unforgettable piece of jewelry I ever received was a ring passed down from my grandmother after she passed away. It’s like having a piece of her everywhere I go,” 25-year-old model Jasmine Sanders tells InStyle of her love for exquisite charms.

You may know Sanders for her ability to play muse to makeup legend Pat McGrath or share the Snapchat spotlight with Kim Kardashian. It’s also likely you’re one of 2.1 million (and counting) Instagram fiends that follow her moniker, Golden Barbie. But the German-born and South Carolina-raised talent is now giving you one more answer to Who is Jasmine Sanders? Bulgari‘s new Digital Ambassador.

“I remember going through my grandmother’s jewelry with my mom and hearing all the different stories behind the truly unique pieces [she] had and how connected she was with them,” she adds. Sanders, who credits diamond chokers as the one accessory to instantly boost her confidence, says she fell in love with the Italian accessory master’s shine.

“It is not just a visionary brand, it also represents a larger than life style that balances glamour with indulgence,” she says, alluding to the aesthetic of her jewelry campaign, photographed by Michael Avedon.

Like that of Kardashian, it’s Sanders’s indulgent, playful sense of self on social media that keeps her follower count growing. The secret’s simple, too. “To get the perfect Instagram selfie, you have to make sure you are the focus,” she suggests. “Try to find a neutral background, and natural lighting is always the best.”

As for who you can expect her to fan girl over, it’s not surprising. “I really love following Naomi Campbell because she’s a living legend and I continuously find inspiration in her,” she says. “I also love to follow Adriana Lima because not only are her photos amazing, she kills it at kickboxing. It keeps me motivated to see her working out and working hard.”


Courtesy of Bulgari

Courtesy of Bulgari

Courtesy of Bulgari


Courtesy of Bulgari

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Stewart steps out with VS model girlfriend

By; Jodi Guglielmi 

Via: Stewart steps out with VS model girlfriend

Olivia Palermo Will Make These Trends Huge in 2017

On any given day, Olivia Palermo could be in head-to-toe couture or a $20 dress from Zara. Part of what sets her apart (and fuels the ongoing obsession with her style) is her ability to mix high and low pieces in a way that’s both sophisticated and fashion forward. This year, Olivia’s already touching on some of the fashion world’s biggest trends but giving them her own sophisticated spin. Whether she’s running errands or making her way to the front row of a fashion show, her knack for cherry-picking the trends and making them work for her is pretty darn inspiring.

If you take cues from Olivia, we’re here to help you navigate the must-know trends of 2017. Below, we’ve called out seven styles she’s already wearing (and it’s only January), and offered up a few options for embracing the styles as well. From everyday winterwear to pieces that are a little more dressed up, consider this the Olivia Palermo guide to tackling 2017 fashion.




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It’s Official: The No-Bra Movement..

When Kendall Jenner defended going braless a while back, our ears definitely perked up, but it wasn’t until we got wind of the handfuls of other style icons who were rocking the no-bra look as well that we really started to pay attention. Everyone from It girls like Bella Hadid to beloved bloggers like Courtney Trop of Always Judging show no reservations when it comes to this whole no-bra thing. In some cases, not wearing a bra is more for convenience in an effort to not distract from the look, but in others, you can’t help but think going braless was purely for shock factor.

However, thanks to the ladies ahead, we’ve managed to learn how to pull the look off tastefully because believe it or not, it can be done. Whether it be with a tighter dress, loose-fitting sweater, or cotton frock, take note from these six women on the best ways to style this no-bra trend. With their respectable tips, you can rest assured that you’ll be drawing attention for all of the right reasons while donning this fashion-forward look.




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Zendaya Simultaneously Fought Body Shaming and..

Zendaya may only be 20 years old, but she’s totally outspoken—calling out injustices when she sees them and making a name for herself with her talents andher voice. And she doesn’t just talk the talk.

As Teen Vogue reported, Zendaya took to Twitter a few days ago responding to an instance of body shaming. She spoke out against a cyber bully who attacked a user, Honey Dip, on her photos and size.

“She is fine as hell head to toe and garunteed [sic] does’t know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen,” Zendaya said in response to the mean and disrespectful comments toward Honey Dip, which have since been deleted from Twitter. And in the next breath Zendaya made the ultimate offer: “Can we find her @….I’d love for her to be a @dayabyzendaya model.” 

Ultimately, social media (and her the style star’s millions of followers) brought the two together, and we’re hoping it’s not long before we officially see Honey Dip fronting Daya by Zendaya’s next campaign. After all, the brand itself was created to celebrate and represent women of all shapes and sizes.

Back in November Zendaya told Who What Wear why it wasn’t even a question to include plus sizes in her just-launched label: “There are a billion different types of body shapes in the world, and to annihilate an entire section makes no sense to me. To me, [inclusive sizing] is a first instinct.” It’ll be exciting to see how her plans continue to roll out and promote inclusivity, not bullying.

Scroll down to see how the exchange went down between the star and the newly signed model.

Stumbling across this is stupid shit, she is fine as hell head to toe and garunteed does’t know you exist my man. As for her, slay on queen. https://twitter.com/starpowerxcv/status/825105224595623939 

im really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal




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Lady Gaga Tiffany & Co. Campaign 2017 

Lady Gaga Has a Big Fashion Announcement to Make During the Super Bowl
Image Source: Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Lady Gaga won’t just be performing at halftime, she’ll also be starring in a new TV ad. The singer has partnered with Tiffany & Co. as the face of the jewelry brand’s Legendary Style campaign. She’ll be talking about her love for the company throughout a 60-second film in which Tiffany HardWear pieces will be shown for the first time. They’ll include the bead-drop chandeliers and metal rings Gaga’s sporting in the shots below, along with plenty more earrings, necklaces, and pendants shoppable in stores on April 28 and online May 2.

We’ve got a feeling Gaga will help popularize a fresh new look for Tiffany & Co., undoubtedly brought to life with the help of Grace Coddington, who’s already made a clear mark at the company. Scroll to see why Tiffany’s new commercial looks promising — it’ll be the first they’ve ever debuted in the midst of a football game — and watch this space for the launch of some new must-have items.




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Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux, the model powerhouse duo behind the body-positive All Woman Project, are back and better than ever with a new range of absolutely stunning imagery that proves beauty is not seen in just one size, age or race.

Diop and Slater

Howard, who was dropped from her modeling agency in 2015, has become a leader in the conversation surrounding inclusivity ever since. She launched the campaign with Desseaux back in September 2016 by way of a diverse, super sexy editorial featuring models of all different shapes, sizes and skin tones.

The second installment of the project teams up with Aerie, a brand known to advocate for inclusivity. Desseaux explained to The Huffington Post that the new series, featuring an even wider range of women, is “a whole new ballgame.”

Howard, Desseaux and Lawrence

“We took our imagery to another level and wanted to mix all the codes so they can finally blur and not be limited by what people expect from a body-positive campaign. We included diversity in a whole new way, from milky tones to ebony ones and teenage skins to mature ones. Our team is still all women but those women are real everyday heroes with some amazing stories to tell.”

Howard, Desseaux and Lawrence once again star in the images and are joined by the likes of a surfer, a fitness expert and a professor.

L to R: Quincy DavisClementine Desseaux,  Mari AgoryLyn SlaterCharli HowardKhoudia Diop and Holly Rilinger

Calling the second installment proof that this is a “more permanent” effort rather than a “trend,” Desseaux also announced that All Woman Project has become a charity so it can “do more than only releasing diverse images. Now, we’re going to go out to schools with some of our team members from both campaigns and make a real change for girls, locally, where it’s the most needed.”

Sounds like there is still so much more to come from this rad, body-positive campaign, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Head to All Woman Project to learn more.



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