The Style Moves That Defined 2016

While the word “trend” suggests a beginning and an end, fashion folk know better than to say goodbye. Certain looks — from cuts of denim to standout styling tricks — repeat themselves. Even so, it’s nice to know where these fads came from. For example, we’ll never forget that Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick popularized the tights-and-shift combination in the ’60s or that the best place to search for a stretchy wire choker in the ’90s was Limited Too.

This year gave rise to a whole bunch of trends (23, that we could count!). Some of the style moves ahead are updated takes on older trends, but most of them we’ll date back to this exact year. Read on for a list of reasons 2016 was pretty rad in our book. And if you’re in the market for a fresh outfit or two, you’ve still got time to hop on the bandwagon.






Source: Fashion Trends From 2016

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